How Much Water To Drink A Day To Lose Weight?

When I first researched the question about how much water to drink a day to lose weight, I expected to hear accounts of trainers carrying jugs of their own water to the gym and fitness models staying on a consistent bottled water routine. What I actually found was opposite.

In fact, most of us get plenty of water whether or not we follow the recommended water intake per day taught back in high school health class. And for me, I no longer use water just to quench my thirst, but I can show you how I use it as a powerful tool to fight hunger too.

New Evidence Shows We Get Plenty Of Water Already

The media’s firm answer to how much water should you drink per day is 8-10 glasses. I don’t know about you, but when I’ve attempted this water marathon, I could hardly keep from drowning.

Someone leading an average lifestyle loses about 10 cups of water daily. This number varies depending on your activity level, but according to a number of kidney physiologists, we only require about 1 liter of water which is roughly the amount we get from food alone. So you could actually drink nothing all day and still be fine.

Just think about it. Most of the food you eat is made up of primarily water. Watermelons are 92% water. Eggs and lean meat are about 75%. How much water should you drink a day? It’s not as much as we once thought.

What About The Dehydrating Effects Of Sugary Or Caffeinated Drinks?

The results of a study called The Effect Of Caffeinated, Non-Caffeinated, Caloric, And Non-Caloric Beverages On Hydration, showed that there were no significant differences between quenching your thirst with water or tea, juice, milk, or caffeinated sodas.

The only liquids that were found to promote dehydration were alcoholic. So maybe you’ll want to grab a lemonade instead of a beer at the next outdoor festival.

“When” You Drink Water Is More Important Than “How Much”

When I finally stopped drowning myself with 8 glasses a day, I began thinking about how I could still improve my current weight loss efforts with the help of water in reasonable amounts. What I found is that drinking water before eating acts as a simple, yet powerful appetite suppressant that consistently keeps me from overeating.

A study was done to test the weight loss benefits of drinking water before eating and participants that drank 2 eight ounce glasses before eating ate 75-90 fewer calories than expected. You naturally feel fuller, sooner, making it much easier to walk away from a half-eaten dinner plate.

For people that are new to this routine of drinking water before eating, you might experience more frequent urination because your body was previously retaining more water because it wasn’t expecting such considerable amounts to come anytime soon. After following this routine for awhile, you should hit a balance point where your body settles at a new water retention level.

How Much Water To Drink A Day To Lose Weight?

If you’ve been panicking because you feared that you weren’t getting nearly enough water during the day, you can sit back and relax because you’re probably fine. Of course, more active individuals out in the blazing sun should drink more liquids than the rest of us, but unless you feel thirsty, don’t bother forcing down a glass.

Why not use water as a way to curb your hunger instead? That way, you’ll still be keeping your body thoroughly hydrated, and letting your metabolism run off of stored fat instead of new calories from food. The answer to “How much water should I drink to lose weight?” lies with your gut.

P.S. If you're interested in the diet that I use when I want to get particularly lean, it's Eat Stop Eat. It's very progressive, and probably not like anything you've tried before.